Full Stack Developer For AI era

Navigate your journey to becoming a Full Stack Developer for the AI era, regardless of whether you’re currently enrolled in college or have recently graduated.

Select a Course From Our Diverse Range of Nine Options

MEAN stack

Explore our MEAN Stack Developer option, specializing in MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, Node.js, and AI integration. Get thorough training in every component for full-stack development.

Skills :

MEAN = Angular + Node + MongoDB +Postgresql

MERN stack

Opt for our MERN Stack Developer option, centered around MongoDB, Express.js, React, and Node.js and AI integration. Receive comprehensive training in all aspects of the MERN stack.

Skills :

MERN = React+ Node + MongoDB + Postgresql

Full stack with python and react

From building the backend with Python to creating user-friendly interfaces with React, we provide a simple path to mastering Full Stack Development

Skills :

Full stack with Python and Angular

From crafting robust backend systems with Python to designing responsive frontend interfaces with Angular, our program provides an easy-to-follow path for mastering the full stack of web development.

Skills :

Full stack with Java and React

Learn how to develop both the front and back ends of websites using Java and React. Our program covers everything you need to know, making it easy to become proficient in full stack web development.

Skills :

Full stack with Java and Angular

Get skilled in building all parts of websites using Java and Angular. Our program teaches you step by step, so you can confidently work on both the front and back ends of web development.

Skills :

Flutter with Python

Learn how to develop mobile apps using Flutter and Python. Our program breaks down the process into easy-to-understand steps, so you can become proficient in creating mobile applications with these powerful tools.

Flutter with node

Learn how to utilize Flutter for mobile app development and Node.js for backend development. Our course provides clear guidance on using both technologies, enabling you to create dynamic applications. 

Flutter with Java

Learn how to create powerful cross-platform apps with Flutter and Java. This course provides detailed instruction and practical examples to help you master both frontend UI design with Flutter and backend development with Java, equipping you to build versatile and high-performing applications.

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